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Hancock Animations offers whiteboard animation services that simplify complex ideas. Our services provide a creative visual storytelling approach for your content.

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What Are Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animations are videos that employ a hand-drawn style to illustrate concepts and ideas. Using a blank canvas, visuals unfold, bringing complex information to life through storytelling. Our whiteboard animation services harness this technique to deliver memorable content that communicates your brand's offering in an accessible manner.

  • Educational Whiteboard Animations
  • Explainer Whiteboard Videos
  • Training Whiteboard Animations
  • Process Explanation Whiteboard Animations
  • Infographic Style Whiteboard Animations
  • Corporate Whiteboard Animations
  • Tutorial Whiteboard Videos
Why Us?

What Makes Our Whiteboard Animation Company Unique?

Artisan Animation

Producing whiteboard animations with a meticulous touch, our hand-drawn videos stand out, adding uniqueness to your content.

Original Concepts

Curating each project with original conceptualization makes our whiteboard animations fit with your brand’s identity.

Innovative Storyboards

Adding innovative storyboarding techniques translates ideas into videos for our whiteboard animations.

Customizable Styles

Choose from a range of customizable styles in our whiteboard animations, allowing your brand's identity to shine.

Interactive Elements

Improve viewer engagement through integrated interactive elements in our whiteboard animations, offering an immersive experience.

Experienced Team

Backed by an experienced animation team, our whiteboard animation services guarantee high-quality visuals.

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Our Process

How We Create Our Whiteboard Animation Videos

Here at Hancock Animations our team follows an exhaustive and meticulous procedure for making videos for your company.

Conceptual Discussion

We conduct collaborative discussions to determine the core concept for your whiteboard animation video.

Storyboard Development

In the next stage we develop a concise storyboard, mapping out the visual progression and key elements of your whiteboard animation.

Script Crafting

After that we create an original script that complements the visuals, focusing on conveying information for your whiteboard animation video.

Visual Designing

Next, we meticulously craft hand-drawn visuals, incorporating your brand's style in our whiteboard animation video.

Animation Implementation

In the next stage we bring the storyboard to life through the animation process, adding fluid transitions and movements in your whiteboard animation video.

Feedback Integration

Your feedback is crucial. We incorporate it at key stages, so the whiteboard animation video meets your objectives.

Review and Refinement

After the feedback we conduct thorough reviews, refining details and making necessary adjustments.

Final Delivery

We deliver the completed whiteboard animation video in your preferred format, ready for deployment across your chosen platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Timelines vary based on complexity, typically ranging from a few weeks to a month. We prioritize quality to ensure impactful results.
Absolutely. We value your insights. Regular feedback sessions are scheduled to ensure the video aligns with your vision.
We provide a range of customizable styles to suit your brand, from classic black-and-white to colorful and dynamic options.
Our team carefully integrates your brand guidelines and visual elements into the animation, ensuring a seamless and branded experience.
Certainly. We deliver the final video in versatile formats, allowing you to use it across websites, social media, presentations, and more.
Our handcrafted approach, personalized conceptualization, and commitment to client input make our whiteboard animations unique and effective.