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Hancock Animations is here to doodle your engaging ideas into the most extraordinary Whiteboard Animations. We bring your thoughts in a super fun visual story that'll have everyone talking. Let's sketch out the fun in your message!

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Understanding Whiteboard Animations

Ever watch a video, and it's like someone's doodling the concepts into your brain? That's whiteboard animation for you! It's a blank canvas where hand-drawn wonders unfold, turning the "huh?" into "aha!" in a storytelling manner.

With Hancock Animations, it's not just about drawing - it's about captivating, educating, and making everything click right away! We've got a doodle for learning, explaining, training, or just plain explaining. Let's turn your brand’s concept into art with our whiteboard animation!

  • Educational Whiteboard Animations
  • Explainer Whiteboard Videos
  • Training Whiteboard Animations
  • Process Explanation Whiteboard Animations
  • Infographic Style Whiteboard Animations
  • Corporate Whiteboard Animations
  • Tutorial Whiteboard Videos
Educational whiteboard animation services
Why Us?

What Makes Our Whiteboard Animation Service the Best Solution?


Handmade Animations

We draw every whiteboard video by hand with extra attention to detail. This practice means your videos are one-of-a-kind, just like your message!


Unique Ideas

Every project gets its unique twist, ensuring that our animations don't just fit in with your brand; they enhance it.


Clever Storyboards

We're all about thoughtful planning. Our storyboards turn your ideas into a clear path for awesome animations.


Styles for Every Brand

Whatever your brand's personality, we have animation styles to match. You get to choose how you want your brand to be seen.


Engaging Animations

Our animations aren't just to watch; they're to experience. We make sure your audience is involved with every frame.


Skilled Team

Our team knows what they are doing! When it comes to animation, their premium expertise comes to the rescue, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

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Our Process

How We Make Your Whiteboard Videos Stand Out

Here at Hancock Animations our team follows an exhaustive and meticulous procedure for making videos for your company.

Teamwork on Ideas

Custom whiteboard animation services

Our process starts with discussing your video's main idea with you. It's a team effort to make sure we ace it!

Storyboarding the Journey

Explainer video whiteboard animation

We carefully plan the video step by step through storyboards so we know exactly where we're going with your story.

Writing the Story

High-quality whiteboard animation company

Then, we write a script that fits perfectly with the visuals we have in mind. It's all about getting the message right.

Designing with Flair

Corporate whiteboard animation services

We draw each scene by hand, ensuring it looks just like you want, personalizing your brand's style.

Bringing it to Life

Whiteboard Animation Company

Next up, we animate! We ensure everything moves smoothly, giving life to our storyboard idea.

Perfecting the Details

Professional whiteboard animation production

We share the final result with you, fine-tune the details, and make changes wherever needed after your team has analyzed it.

Your Thoughts Matter

Whiteboard Animation Services

Your feedback is super important. We listen and tweak the video so it hits the mark for you.

Ready to Share

Animated whiteboard video production

Ultimately, we hand over the finished video in the format you need, all set to go live on your platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Timelines vary based on complexity, typically ranging from a few weeks to a month. We prioritize quality to ensure impactful results.

Absolutely. We value your insights. Regular feedback sessions are scheduled to ensure the video aligns with your vision.

We provide a range of customizable styles to suit your brand, from classic black-and-white to colorful and dynamic options.

Our team carefully integrates your brand guidelines and visual elements into the animation, ensuring a seamless, branded experience.

Certainly. We deliver the final video in versatile formats, allowing you to use it across websites, social media, presentations, and more.

Our handcrafted approach, personalized conceptualization, and commitment to client input make our whiteboard animations unique and effective.

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