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What Are Live Action Videos?

Live-action videos are all about creatively showcasing reality. They bring your brand's raw, unfiltered essence to the screen, where every product shines, services come to life, and stories unfold in a way that resonates with viewers. Our live-action video production services turn your dream concepts into relatable, engaging video content.

It's like giving your brand a heartbeat that pulses in sync with your audience's, using the power of storytelling and authentic visuals. So, let's highlight your brand more passionately.

  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Brand Storytelling Videos
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Customer Success Stories
Professional live action video production
Why Us?

Learn How We Pour Uniqueness Into Live Action Videos For Your Brand


Expert Filmmakers

Our talented crew brings life into each project, crafting captivating live-action videos that grab and hold attention.


Authentic Storytelling

We believe in the power of natural narratives. Our bespoke approach ensures your story connects profoundly and genuinely with your audience.


State-of-the-Art Tech

We're all about engaging with the latest, cutting-edge technology to create industry-leading live-action videos that stand out your brand.


Thorough Research & Conceptualization

Our planning process ensures that every video perfectly aligns with your brand's goals and captures the USP of your message.


A Collaborative Journey

We value your input and work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product truly reflects your brand.


Versatility in Video Styles

Whether it's an impactful commercial or an informative corporate video, our range of styles means we've got just the creative flair your brand needs.

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Our Process

Skim Through our Step-By-Step Process To Perfection

At Hancock Animations, we turn your ideas into fantastic live-action videos, step by step:

Initial Communication

Live Action Video Production Services

First, we ensure a communication session about what you expect from us and set up the perfect plan for your video.


Live Action Video Production Company

Once all the ideas are on the table, we pick up the necessary details and curate a fantastic process for your video.

Designing Script

Live action video production specialists

Then, we pen down a snappy script, mapping out your video's story from start to finish.

Getting Ready

High-quality live action video production

We're on it, sorting out all the nuts and bolts—who's in the video, where we're shooting, and what gear we need.

Lights, Camera, Action

Live action film production company

This is where the live action takes place. We film your story, bringing the script to life.

Cut and Polish

Live Action Explainer Video Production

Next, we're hunched over our desks, editing the footage and adding some sparkle to make your video shine.

Last Stop

Corporate live action video services

We show you the first cut. You tell us what you love and what you'd tweak.

Final Touches

Custom live action video services

Voilà! We now hand over your polished video for your brand, ready to wow the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The timeline varies based on complexity. On average, production takes 4-6 weeks from initial consultation to final delivery.
Absolutely. We value your collaboration, ensuring the final video aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives.
Yes, our team provides scriptwriting services to craft a concise and impactful script for your video.
Our expertise spans various types, including product demonstrations, testimonials, and brand storytelling.

Our collaborative process involves understanding your brand ensuring the video reflects your identity and messaging.

Our comprehensive services cover the entire production process, from filming to expert editing and final delivery.

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