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Merging Imagination & Reality

Hancock Animations offers professional live-action video production services that authentically showcase your story with clarity.

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What Are Live Action Videos?

Live action videos are visual content captured through real-world filming. These videos bring authenticity to your brand, showcasing products, services, or stories with genuine human experiences. Our live action video production services specialize in transforming concepts into videos that resonate. Through live action videos you can connect your brand with audiences on a personal level utilizing storytelling and real-life imagery.

  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Brand Storytelling Videos
  • Event Highlight Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Customer Success Stories
Why Us?

What Makes Our Live Action Video Production Company Unique?

Expert Filmmakers

Our skilled filmmakers bring creativity to every project, producing high-quality live-action videos that hook the audiences.

Authentic Storytelling

Original storytelling establishes a brand. With our in-house process we create live-action videos that resonate with your audience authentically.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing advanced technology, we produce live-action videos with the latest industry standard tools.

Researched Conceptualization

Our in-depth approach involves thorough conceptualization, which helps us curate live-action videos that adjust with your brand’s objectives.

Collaborative Process

We value collaboration, involving you throughout the production journey to integrate your preferences, resulting in videos that truly represent your brand.

Versatile Video Styles

From commercials to corporate training, our versatility spans various live-action video styles, catering to diverse brand needs with creativity.

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Our Process

How We Create Our Live Action Videos

Here at Hancock Animations our team follows an exhaustive and meticulous procedure for making videos for your company.

Initial Consultation

Discussing your goals and requirements to outline a clear vision for the live-action video project.

Concept Development

Next, we collaborate to develop a concept that fits with your brand’s identity.


After that we write a concise script that serves as the blueprint for the video production.

Pre-production Planning

In the next stage we plan logistics, including casting, location scouting, and equipment needs for the filming process.


Next we conduct the actual filming based on the approved script and pre-production plans.


After that we skillfully edit the footage, incorporating any necessary effects, refining the overall visual flow.

Client Review

Next, we provide you with the initial draft for feedback and adjustments.

Final Delivery

Delivering the final high-quality live-action video in your preferred format, ready for deployment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
The timeline varies based on complexity. On average, production takes 4-6 weeks from initial consultation to final delivery.
Absolutely. We value your collaboration, ensuring the final video aligns seamlessly with your vision and objectives.
Yes, our team provides scriptwriting services to craft a concise and impactful script for your video.
Our expertise spans various types, including product demonstrations, testimonials, brand storytelling, and more.
Our collaborative process involves understanding your brand, ensuring the video reflects your identity and messaging.
Yes, our comprehensive services cover the entire production process, from filming to expert editing and final delivery.