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If you want your viewers to be instantly hooked to your videos, then you definitely need a professional Voiceover Recording Company. So look for it no more as you have landed on the right page - Hancock Animation and we have your back.

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What Is a Voiceover Recording?

If you have a stunning video, a captivating animation, or a knockout commercial missing its jazz, that’s where you can enhance your videos with expert voiceover recordings. We create scripts, giving them a voice that perfectly fits your project's concept. Let's make your visuals sing with just the exemplary voiceover recordings!

  • Narration Voiceovers
  • Commercial Voiceovers
  • Character Voiceovers
  • E-Learning Voiceovers
  • Animation Voiceovers
  • Documentary Voiceovers
  • Podcast Voiceovers
Why Us?

What Makes Our Voiceover Production Company Unique?


Professional Voice Talents

Our team is packed with skilled professionals who bring all sorts of voices and styles to boost your video.


Versatile Industry Coverage

Our services are made-to-fit your desires. Changing and adapting to give you just the voice you need, no matter what your project's about.


Prompt Turnaround

We respect your schedule, ensuring quick delivery and quality voiceover services, all within your deadlines.


Original Scripts

We craft scripts tailored to your project, fine-tuning the tone and message for spot-on voiceovers.


State-of-the-Art Recording Studios

Our studios boast top-notch recording technologies, ensuring your voiceovers are crystal clear and professionally polished.


Client Collaboration

We put your vision first, welcoming your input through collaborative sessions to ensure our voiceover services hit the mark and leave you fully satisfied.

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Our Process

How We Make Voiceovers

Here's how we bring voiceovers to life at Hancock Animations! Our process is thorough and detailed, ensuring we perfectly capture your vision.

Understanding Your Needs

Narration production company

We kick things off by diving deep into your project. We get to know the style, tone, and audience you're aiming for, ensuring we're on the same page.

Script Collaboration

Creative voice over studio

Next up, we join forces on the script. It's a team effort to polish and tweak it until it aligns flawlessly with your project's objectives.

Voice Talent Selection

Character voice over services

Then comes the fun part—choosing your voice. Our roster is brimming with seasoned voice talents, each bringing something unique.

Recording Session

Voice acting production services

We then move into our top-tier studios for the recording session, where we capture your voiceover with crystal-clear quality.

Audio Editing

Professional voice over production

Finally, our wizards work magic with cutting-edge editing tools to fine-tune your audio. The result? A voiceover that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, ready for its debut.

Client Review

High-quality voice over company

Once the initial voiceover draft is ready, you can listen in and share your thoughts. Your input is crucial to us.

Revisions and Feedback

Voice Over Production Company

Taking your feedback to heart, we will make any adjustments to polish the voiceover to perfection.

Final Delivery

Voice Over Production Services

The finished voiceover, in the format you need, lands in your hands, ready to be a part of your project. Delivering on time is a promise we keep to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Voice-over recording enhances a variety of projects, including commercials, narrations, e-learning modules, animations, audiobooks, and more.
We provide a diverse selection of skilled voice actors. Consider tone, style, and expertise to match the voice with your project's requirements.
Absolutely! Our pool of voice talent covers various accents, languages, and dialects. Specify your preferences, and we'll match you with the ideal voice actor.
We deliver voice-over recordings in various formats, including MP3, WAV, and others, ensuring compatibility with your project's technical requirements.
Project timelines vary based on factors like script length and complexity. Generally, we strive for prompt delivery without compromising the quality of the voice-over.
Yes, we offer scriptwriting services to ensure your voice-over project is crafted with precision, aligning seamlessly with your messaging and objectives.

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