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Custom voiceover production services for engaging content, delivering professional voice overs for your videos.

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What Is a Voiceover Recording?

Voiceover recording is the process of adding a voice track to complement visuals in videos, animations, or commercials. Our services bring scripts to life, ensuring a perfect match to your project's tone and messaging.

  • Narration Voiceovers
  • Commercial Voiceovers
  • Character Voiceovers
  • E-Learning Voiceovers
  • Animation Voiceovers
  • Documentary Voiceovers
  • Podcast Voiceovers
Why Us?

What Makes Our Voiceover Production Company Unique?

Professional Voice Talents

Proficient professionals bring diverse voices and styles to our voiceover production.

Versatile Industry Coverage

Covering various industries, our voiceover production adapts to different sectors, providing versatile voiceover services.

Prompt Turnaround

Valuing your time, our workflow gets you timely delivery, meeting deadlines without compromising the quality of our voiceover production services.

Original Scripts

We create scripts that match your project's requirements. Our adaptable approach gets the perfect tone and messaging in our voiceover production.

State-of-the-Art Recording Studios

Equipped with cutting-edge recording facilities, our studios maintain exceptional audio quality for polished voiceover production.

Client Collaboration

Prioritizing your vision, collaborative sessions allow us to incorporate your feedback giving you satisfaction with our voiceover production company's services.

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Our Process

How We Make Voiceovers

Here at Hancock Animations our team follows an exhaustive and meticulous procedure for making videos for your company.

Understanding Your Needs

We begin by understanding your project requirements, getting the clarity on the desired voiceover style, tone, and target audience.

Script Collaboration

Next, we collaborate with you on the script. We work closely with you to refine and adapt it, so it fits perfectly with your project goals.

Voice Talent Selection

After that our team helps you choose from a pool of experienced voice talents, offering diverse styles.

Recording Session

In the next phase we conduct professional recording sessions in our state-of-the-art studios, capturing high-quality audio to bring your script to life.

Audio Editing

We use advanced editing techniques to refine the recorded audio. You’ll get a voiceover which meets industry standards in the final delivery.

Client Review

You also get the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the initial voiceover draft.

Revisions and Feedback

Based on your feedback, we make necessary revisions to perfect the voiceover.

Final Delivery

We deliver the completed voiceover in your preferred format, ready for integration into your project. Timely delivery is our commitment to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Voice-over recording enhances a variety of projects, including commercials, narrations, e-learning modules, animations, audiobooks, and more.
We provide a diverse selection of skilled voice actors. Consider factors like tone, style, and expertise to match the voice with your project's requirements.
Absolutely! Our pool of voice talent covers a wide range of accents, languages, and dialects. Specify your preferences, and we'll match you with the ideal voice actor.
We deliver voice-over recordings in various formats, including MP3, WAV, and others, ensuring compatibility with your project's technical requirements.
Project timelines vary based on factors like script length and complexity. Generally, we strive for prompt delivery without compromising the quality of the voice-over.
Yes, we offer scriptwriting services to ensure your voice-over project is crafted with precision, aligning seamlessly with your messaging and objectives.