Hancock Animations provides complete animation services to a wide range of industries. We believe in helping individuals, influencers, startup founders and global established businesses meet their marketing goals with our animation offerings

Food & Beverages

Since our inception, we have partnered with around 50 food and beverage businesses, including restaurants, organic food sellers, wholesalers, and affiliates to improve their marketing ROI, boost engagement on social channels and release awe-inspiring product demos.

Here are the types of videos we typically create for businesses in the FMCGs:

  • Recipe videos
  • Restaurant ads
  • Training videos
  • Product demos


Hancock Animations has worked with fintech startups and enterprises creating videos for the banking sector, digital wallet startups, and consulting firms educating their audience about financial concepts and marketing trends. Here are some of the videos we create for the fintech industry:

  • Digital banking videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • Investment advice
  • Stock trading tips

Real Estate

Real estate businesses reach out to us for video production services because we have the expertise in creating videos for real estate brokers, brokerage firms, and architects that give their audience an overview of the property and the real estate market trends. Here are some of the videos we create for the real estate sector:

  • Virtual home tours
  • Video listings
  • Broker testimonials
  • Virtual open houses


The gaming industry is a competitive sector, that’s why we deliver video production services to gaming studios and independent creators who need to take their work more mainstream. The videos we produce to market their video games on social media platforms boost engagement and ROI. Here are the types of video content we create for the gaming industry:

  • Game reviews
  • Gaming tutorials
  • Speed run and montages
  • Gaming strategy analysis


Hancock Animations has vast experience collaborating with clients from the legal sector including attorney firms, family consolers, and law students. Our video services enable these sectors to manage witness testimonies, case studies, and more. Here are some of the corporate videos we create:

  • Company overview videos
  • Product announcements
  • Demonstration videos


Hancock Animations work alongside public and private healthcare professionals creating videos for doctors, and pharmacists. and the nursing staff. The videos we produce has the vision to assist all of these professional in making healthcare accessible to the patients that are seeking help. Here are some of the videos we produce for the healthcare sector:

  • Medical training videos
  • Healthcare tips
  • What to Expect videos
  • Testimonial videos


Teams at Hancock Animations consult and produce videos for professionals from the eCommerce industry. Ecommerce vendors, aggregators, and drop-shippers get more exposure and sales for their products and services through our video services. Here are some of the videos we create for the eCommerce industry:

  • Product demos
  • Unboxing videos
  • How to videos
  • Comparison videos


Educational institutes rely on Hancock Animations because we produce videos for professors, academics, and students that make the learning process understandable for everyone. Here are some of the videos we create for educational institutes:

  • Video tutorials
  • Animated lectures
  • Video presentation
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We serve clients from the NFT industry including independent artists, collectors, and marketplace aggregators. Hancock Animations produces videos for these professionals that make their art visible to a much wider audience. Here are some of the videos we create for the NFT industry:

  • 3D animated trading cards
  • NFT promotional videos
  • NFT coin animation