Professional 3D Modeling Services

Designing High Resolution 3D Models

Hancock Animations 3D modeling services creates digital versions of objects or scenes for various purposes like animation, gaming, or product design.

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What Is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling is a digital way to create objects or characters in three dimensions using special software. It's like sculpting on a computer, where you can shape and mold virtual materials to make things like buildings, products, or even entire worlds for games and movies. It's a powerful tool for designing things before they're built or brought to life on screen.

  • Architectural 3D Modeling
  • Product 3D Modeling
  • Character 3D Modeling
  • Industrial 3D Modeling
  • Environmental 3D Modeling
  • Medical 3D Modeling
  • Vehicle 3D Modeling
  • Animation 3D Modeling
Why Us?

What Makes Our 3D Modeling Company Unique?

Original Ideas

We create original 3D models to meet your specific project needs, providing accurate representation of what you’re looking for.

Experienced Team

Hancock Animations professionals bring years of expertise to every project, guaranteeing high-quality 3D models.

Advanced Technology

We utilize industry standard software to deliver realistic 3D models for diverse applications.

Quick Turnaround

With our in-house process, we prioritize timely delivery without compromising on the quality of your 3D models.


We work closely with your team, creating open collaboration throughout the 3D modeling process.

Competitive Pricing

Our cost-effective packages make professional 3D modeling accessible to businesses of all sizes, providing you excellent value for money.

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Our Process

How We Create 3D Models

Here at Hancock Animations our team follows an exhaustive and meticulous procedure for making videos for your company.

Initial Consultation

In the first phase we discuss your project requirements to understand what you are looking for.


Next, based on your input, we develop rough sketches or concepts for further refinement.


After that we create a digital representation of the object or environment using 3D modeling software.


In the next stage our team applies textures and materials to improve the model’s realism.

Lighting and Rendering

Next, we set up lighting conditions and then render the 3D model to generate high-quality visuals.

Review and Feedback

After that we share the rendered images or animations with you for review.


Next, we Implement your feedback to make necessary adjustments to refine the 3D model.

Final Delivery

We provide you with finalized 3D model files or renderings ready for your use.

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Our team will be happy to help bring your ideas to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Various industries like architecture, gaming, product design, and advertising benefit from 3D modeling.
The time varies based on complexity. Simple models may take a few hours, while intricate designs can take weeks.
We offer commonly used formats like .obj, .fbx, .stl, and .blend, ensuring compatibility with different software and platforms.
Yes, we can create custom textures and materials tailored to your specific requirements, enhancing the realism of your models.
Yes, we provide animation services to bring your 3D models to life, adding movement and interactivity as needed.
We prioritize client confidentiality and sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect your intellectual property throughout the process.