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What Is A 2D Animated Video?

2D animation is a traditional form of animation that creates movement in a two-dimensional space. It uses sequences of drawings or illustrations to bring characters, scenes, and stories to life. 2D animation is a powerful tool for brands to convey their messages in an engaging and memorable way, helping them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Through visually appealing storytelling, 2D animation captures the audience's attention, simplifies complex ideas, and evokes emotions, thereby enhancing brand identity, increasing viewer engagement, and driving growth.

  • Whiteboard Style
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Shape Animation
  • Infographic Video
  • Cut-Out Technique
2D Animation Services
Why Choose Us?

Why Brands Choose Our 2D Video Animation Company?


Superior 2D Animation Quality

We specialize in meticulously crafting 2D models, characters, and even complex elements like slot machines, enhanced with striking visual effects (VFX), that bring your videos and games to life.


Expert Team

At the cutting edge of animation trends, our team uses the latest, most sophisticated techniques and tools, including Spine 2D and After Effects.


Deep Industry Insight

Our broad portfolio demonstrates our ability to handle 2D animations for everything from slot machines and games to props and additional VFX needs.


Reliable Partner

We prioritize clear, effective communication with our clients, utilizing contemporary tools like Miro Board to update you on progress and incorporate your feedback.


Efficient Cost Structure

Our adaptable team model allows us to efficiently scale our resources to meet the specific demands of your project, ensuring you only pay for what you need.


Ongoing Support After Release

We handle everything from start to finish, creating engaging animations that continue to draw players to your game and contribute to its sustained success.

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Our Creative Process

Crafting 2D Animation Videos at Hancock Animations

At Hancock Animations, we follow a detailed method to produce engaging videos for your brand. Here’s how we do it:

Creative Kick-Off Session

2D Animation Production

This initial gathering is crucial, bringing together our most innovative team members to brainstorm and pool creative ideas before production kicks off.


2D Animation Production

Once we clearly understand your message, we work on script development. This might involve crafting a brand-new script or refining and rewriting an existing one you've provided.


2D Animation Experts

We create storyboards and grids of sketched, intentionally rough images that outline every scene in your video and the sequence in which they will appear.


2D Animation Video Services

Following storyboard approval, we develop each artwork piece. To set the visual tone, this often begins with what we call 'proof of concept' artwork, such as a style frame or character design.


2D Animation Video Production Services

For 2D vector cutout animation, our animators give characters a 'skeleton' that allows them to move around and pose, much like stage actors.

Sound Design

Professional 2D Animation Services

We can access some of the most talented composers. We'll typically curate and suggest custom music tracks for your project.

Studio VO Recording

2D Video Animation Services

Our voice-overs are performed in a professional studio setting by skilled actors and voice artists. The quoted price covers all related costs, including studio time, producer and sound engineer fees, and usage rights.


2D Animation Video Company

Once everything is approved, we securely deliver your video. The final product is digitally transferred with password protection to ensure its security.

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Frequently Asked Questions
2D animations are versatile and suitable for various projects, including explainer videos, promotional content, educational materials, and more.
Project timelines vary based on complexity. We strive for efficient delivery while maintaining high-quality standards to meet your expectations.
Absolutely! Our 2D Animations service includes customization to align with your brand style, ensuring a cohesive and personalized visual representation.
Yes, we offer professional voiceovers to enhance your 2D animations. Our team collaborates with skilled voice artists to deliver impactful narration.
Client collaboration is integral. We engage clients at key stages, seeking feedback to ensure the 2D animation aligns seamlessly with their vision.
Yes, 2D animations are highly effective for social media marketing. Short, engaging animations can quickly convey messages and capture audience attention.

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