10 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Logo Animator

10 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Logo Animator

A logo serves as a visual representation that communicates a company’s identity and brand essence. Today, the era of static, monochromatic logos has given way to dynamic, animated logos. For business owners looking to expand their clientele, using animated logos may be quite helpful, especially in a market where every other service provider promises to offer excellent services. 

However, choosing the right logo animator amidst the multitude of options requires careful consideration. When selecting a logo animator, a thoughtful and informed decision is essential. Rushing into hiring without assessing suitability can prove detrimental to your brand. 

In this blog, we talk about the ten key factors to consider when hiring a logo animation studio, ensuring that your investment yields a visually compelling and strategically sound animated logo.

What To Consider When Hiring A Logo Animator?

When hiring a logo animator, several crucial factors should be considered to ensure that the collaboration results in a visually appealing animated logo. Here are key aspects to keep in mind:

1. Request For Their Portfolio 

It is of utmost importance that you ask for a logo animator’s portfolio of the previous work they have done. Their portfolio will not only speak for their work but will also showcase their work quality and whether that matches the requirements for your project. 

Remember to ask these questions yourself when you are navigating through their logo animation portfolio. Does their animation style have a story to tell? Is the logo animation smooth enough? Is it visually appealing? Does the choice of sound match the graphics of the video? And are you as a viewer pulled into the animated logo

These questions will help you specify your goals for the logo animator and clear your mind on what you should be focusing on when hiring a logo animator

2. Track The Number Of Projects Completed

A valuable metric in assessing a logo animator’s capabilities lies in analyzing the number of projects they have completed and whether they delivered on their promises to clients. While logo animation is a relatively newer form of branding, the quantity of projects completed serves as an indicator of an animator’s work quality and experience in creating animated logos.

Opting for a logo animator with a diverse portfolio showcasing a multitude of animation logo projects can be advantageous. By selecting an animator with a strong track record of completed projects, you increase the likelihood of successful collaboration and the creation of an animated logo that effectively communicates your brand identity.

3. Check Their Clients’ Testimonials

Any honest and reliable logo animator will display both their positive and negative reviews on their GMB (Google My Business) profile or their website. A positive review will highlight their potential as good logo animators with tales of happy clients. It is the bad reviews that will help you determine if that logo animator is worth hiring or not.

If the logo animator took responsibility for their inconvenience and addressed an unsatisfied client’s issue wisely and positively, that speaks volumes for their personality and their dedication towards their work. But if the logo animator either hides, ignores, or is pompous about their incapability, then that should give you enough hints about hiring that certain logo animator

4. Compare Their Prices And Your Budget

After you are done with checking the logo animator’s background and previous work experience, be sure to be clear on the pricing and other expense terms too. Check if they fit your budget or if their pricing matches their work ethics and animation quality. Inquire about how much would they charge for a particular project, what will be the extra costs for applying a specific animation style or addition of unique special effects, and if they are willing to be flexible towards your budget. 

But before you finalize your choice, be sure to check other relevant logo animators too, see if they are negotiating with your budget, and which one is the perfect fit for your logo animation project. Make sure you are getting the best deal possible. 

5. Verify Their Online Presence And Validity

Before you put your complete trust in a logo animator, be sure of their work validity and if their presence is real. In this digital age, there are many scammers out there who are ready to fool you and make easy money out of your blind reliability. So, we suggest that you do your complete research before handing your precious project to a so-called logo animator

Also, check for their physical location and verify that information too. Analyze if the address they provided is real and whether they are there for the money and no work. An honest logo animator will have no issues answering your queries and will have a verified website or social media presence. We suggest that you go the extra mile and seek out their supposed clients to confirm their validity. 

6. Measure Their Creativity And Innovation

A logo animator plays a significant role for any brand in introducing or reinventing them by giving out their brand’s message and ultimately selling their products or services. It is the logo that creates an identity for a brand and which helps people distinguish that brand from others. 

Their creativity and artistic perspective applied to an animation logo project will showcase their dedication toward their clients and their awareness of various logo animation styles. Their artistic trait is what makes them unique from other logo animators. 

But be sure that your choice of artist does not only use his or her imagination to drive results but is also a good listener to your needs. The design created for your animated logo must align with your brand’s image. They should not only be creative but innovative too which brings a distinct and satisfying experience to you. 

7. Clarify Your Brand And Its Target Audience 

Yes, it is important to focus on your logo animator’s capabilities and your desired logo animation design, but also be sure to keep the communication between you and the logo animator crystal clear. Highlight what your brand serves to its customers and who your target audience is. This will also guide the logo animator to build a design that goes with your brand’s offerings.

For instance, if you sell kids’ clothing, then the logo must look fun and young to cater to your target audience. And if you are a travel agency in hopes of finding loyal travelers, then entice people to visit a place by booking you. Remember what you are and your brand’s purpose will guide you to the apt logo animator.

8. Understand What Logo Animation Is All About

The animated logo process is a long one which should encourage you to collaborate and communicate with your logo animator at every step. Talk to them about the ideas they have in mind. Do your checks on them by asking what is going on. You can also guide them through your vision for your animated logo and develop what you want. Also do your research on the logo animation process to achieve an understanding of animation styles, trends, tools, and other technical aspects. 

Ensure you are in good form with your logo animator. It is important for both you as a brand and the logo animator to be on the same page to avoid conflicts and gain the best possible outcome from the project. Your smooth collaboration and decision-making will make the logo animation project a success. 

9. Check The Logo Animator’s Reputation

It is important to know the logo animator’s standing in his niche or the overall industry, especially if your choice is a popular one. You will get to know how they collaborate with other clients or animation studios, how was the experience of their past clients, and how serious they are about their work.

A good logo animator must not only have exceptional design talent but also marketing know-how and good communication skills to build loyal clients. Their proven loyalty will be your guide to making the right choice for your animated logo

10. Focus Highly On The Logo Animation Style

An animation logo video must be pleasing to the eyes, modern enough to align with the digital age, and consist of something original to grab viewers’ attention. Make sure that there is consistency within your animated logo video. It is ok to incorporate various logo animation styles, but keep it from becoming a mess.

It must also be compatible with your branding strategies, website presentation, social media marketing, and other printed and digital means of displaying your logo. You have the option to either play safe, go with the standard animation style or get creative by choosing custom designs.


In the competitive landscape of modern branding, a well-crafted animated logo can serve as a powerful tool for capturing audience attention and establishing a strong brand identity. However, selecting the right logo animator is a critical step that requires careful consideration and searching. By assessing factors such as their portfolio, track record, and client testimonials, you can gain valuable insights into their expertise and reliability, ensuring that your brand’s vision is effectively translated into a captivating animated logo.

Furthermore, establishing clear communication and understanding with your chosen animator, while also aligning their creative approach with your brand’s identity and target audience, is necessary for achieving a successful outcome.

Remember to prioritize quality over cost, verifying the animator’s reputation and credibility within the industry to guarantee a successful collaboration and a remarkable logo animation that resonates with your audience. With these key considerations in mind, you can confidently embark on the journey of creating a compelling animated logo that will leave a lasting impression and elevate your brand’s presence in the digital sphere.

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What is logo animation?

Logo animation is the process of bringing a static logo to life through motion graphics and visual effects, creating an engaging and lively representation of a brand’s identity.

Why should I invest in a logo animation for my brand?

A logo animation adds a professional and modern touch to your brand, making it more memorable and helping it stand out in a competitive market. It also adds a layer of sophistication and creativity, which can leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Can I customize the style and effects used in the logo animation?

Yes, our team at Hancock Animations works closely with clients to understand their preferences and brand identity, ensuring that the logo animation aligns with their specific requirements, including customizing styles, colors, and effects.

How can logo animation benefit my marketing strategy?

Logo animations can significantly enhance your marketing efforts by making your brand more visually appealing and engaging. They can be used in various digital marketing campaigns, social media platforms, presentations, and promotional videos, effectively grabbing the audience’s attention and memorably conveying your brand message.

How much do logo animation services cost?

The cost of a 2 to 10-second logo animation varies depending on factors such as the animation style, duration, and whether a static logo is already available. Prices typically range from $200 to $2000. Additional expenses may apply for special effects, 3D rendering, and sound effects, which can further elevate the overall cost.

How long does it take to make an animated logo video?

Logo animation services on average take 3-4 business days to deliver a 2-4 second animated logo. If you already have a logo, it takes less time. Designing an animated logo from scratch naturally takes longer.