What are 3D Explainer Videos Cost, Benefits and Use Cases

What are 3D Explainer Videos Cost, Benefits and Use Cases

The first thing that comes to a business owner’s mind when they hear video marketing is high-budget commercials with A-list models.

Considering the budgets, only established brands can afford to spend that much on video production. But what about startups and businesses in their early stages of revenue?

Simple answer: 3D explainer videos!

3D explainer videos are multi-purpose animation production that helps diverse stakeholders with their marketing and branding targets. 

If you, too, are an influencer, YouTuber, or growing business, planning to leverage 3D animation videos in your marketing strategy, this is the article to warm up. In this quick rundown of 3D explainer videos, I’ve discussed the following:

What Are 3D Explainer Videos?

The name ‘3D explainer videos’ is quite self-explanatory. But let’s break it down in terms of art styles.

A 3D explainer video explains any concept, from a brand’s story to research findings to product pricing, through animated visuals generated in 3D – three-dimensional shapes, characters, and settings.

These videos incorporate stories, character transitions, and other storytelling tropes to convey the intended message to the target audience.

With 3D explainer videos, businesses can create product demos, testimonials, and advertisements. More importantly, these videos are a trending marketing tool for creating demand and brand awareness.

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How Are The 3D Explainer Videos Different From Traditional Advertisements?

Video experts say 3D animation services are way more cost-efficient than traditional advertisements.

That’s because you can design, animate and bring to visual life – literally everything – characters, props, and settings.

While in a traditional ad, you’d have to hire a real actor and record in a real location – both heavy on the budget.

The characteristic function of a 3D explainer video is to explain – how this explaining capacity could be used for different use cases like marketing, awareness, or even direct promotion and selling.

6 Different Types Of Explainer Videos

Now, let’s talk about different explainer videos and how they can add value to your marketing efforts.

  1. Product Explainer Videos
  2. Demo Videos
  3. Promo Videos
  4. Corporate Videos
  5. Educational Videos
  6. Training Videos

Product Explainer Videos

Product explainer videos highlight your product and its benefits to the viewers.

A great product explainer video bridges the gap between your unique offering and the solution customers seek.

Usually, a product video is around 60 seconds incorporating storytelling techniques to connect with the viewers. Brands also add motion graphic animations to market their product/service.

Demo Videos

Demo videos may look similar to product explainer videos but have different purposes. While a product explainer video shows the benefits of your offering, a demo video focuses more on showing how the product/service works.

These videos demonstrate what the viewer will get once they purchase. Hence, they can be a powerful marketing tool if delivered effectively.

For example, you have an application that you want to market. A demo video will show your application’s interface. It’ll also take the customers through each feature and how that feature will add value. This will make it easier for the customer to use your product/service.

Promo Videos

Marketers and brand owners create hype before they launch a product or service. A promotional video is created to build intrigue and curiosity in the viewers.

They also use promo videos to increase visibility for an existing offer they have put out. Consider the Christmas commercials Mcdonald’s and Walmart produce yearly, offering discounts.

Corporate Videos

Compared to other explainer videos discussed above, corporate videos have a formal tone. Organizations and nonprofits produce these videos to deliver important announcements or train their staff.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are not entirely related to academia or institutions. Brands and marketers use these videos to educate the viewers about a topic mostly related to their industry.

As for academic institutions, they produce explainer videos for lectures and demonstrations.

Training Videos

Recruits in an organization find the related information overwhelming. Training videos or employee training videos deliver a consistent message to all employees making the information easily understandable and shareable for everyone.

What Are The Benefits Of 3D Explainer Videos?

Easy To Consume

Explainer videos are a productive combination of audio and video. This audio-video input also reduces the effort needed by marketers to convey what they want.

Instead of shooting with live locations and professionals, you only need an animated video!

Furthermore, explainer videos make the content easy to consume. According to one study, users are 27% more likely to click a video than a graphic image.

The reason is straightforward; videos are more appealing than text. This ease and appeal make explainer videos a powerful visual tool for long-term growth.

Memorable Yet Short

The average length of an explainer video is 60 to 90 seconds, but it has the potential to grab attention instantly, along with an impressive recall capacity.

According to a study by Infolinks, 14% of the survey participants could remember the last display ad they saw. At the same time, 80% of participants could recall a previous video ad.

So, after the survey results, it became clear that video ads outperform all other display ads regarding audience recall. Today, consumers are bombarded with information no matter where they are in both the physical and digital worlds.

That’s why they are looking for information in the shortest amount of time. The explainer video delivers exactly that, as consumers can better recall what they saw in the audio-visual format.

Appeal to All Ages, Interests, and Demographics

Yes, we understand marketers need a specific target audience for selling.

We say explainer videos appeal to everyone because they can be produced to cater to all sorts of audiences; the potential is virtually limitless.

Baby boomers, gamers, and urban residents’ explainer videos can attract any audience you want. The marketer and brand owners only need to focus on the message they want to convey.

Brand Positioning and Positive Impact

Explainer videos have a long-term influence on your brand’s positioning. A well-crafted explainer video delivers the intended message and adds a pinch of entertainment into the mix.

Secondly, how quickly a piece of content gets shared on the internet is no secret.

Especially videos that touch the viewers emotionally. And, when viewers get connected emotionally, you have a chance to grow your brand organically. If you combine all of this with your video content, you are already miles ahead in the game.

Reach Consumers Wherever They are

According to one article from HubSpot, people are watching more video content than ever. It’s almost double what we used to consume in 2018.

With so much potential, why would marketers and brand owners miss the opportunity? These videos increase your brand’s engagement with the customers. Most of them interact with your brand on social media channels. And, we said earlier, a well-crafted video even has the potential to go viral.

Great at Converting

Since explainer videos have such a huge impact on viewers with their immersive storytelling and understandable approach, it’s not surprising that they help increase conversions

Boost Your SEO Efforts

Your brand won’t have online visibility if it isn’t optimized for search engine results pages. SEO is when a potential customer is looking for something related to your product or service. The right SEO strategy will ensure that you are listed on top of the result pages making it easier to find you.

Since Google’s algorithm is always changing, you need to find new ways to rank. However, one thing will never change! Google will always prioritize the content users consume most, and at this time, it’s video content.

We recommend marketers post explainer videos on their websites instead of targeting social media channels.

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Wrapping up…

So, this detailed rundown of 3D explainer videos concludes here. Overall, 3D explainer videos use 3D elements to explain and simplify concepts and can be used for various reasons – marketing, brand awareness, and product demos.

These are ideal if you are looking for a powerful tool to compellingly forward your personal or professional narrative

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What is the cost of an explainer video?

The cost of an explainer video varies depending on your requirements. The first three factors that impact the cost of an explainer video include:

  • The art and animation style
  • The duration of the video